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Youth Services Center

Jarrett Spisak, Coordinator
(P) 859.655.9545 ext. 16520
(F) 859.581.7124

Holly Dickens, Youth Advocate
(P) 859.655.9545 ext. 16525


FRYSC Mission

The mission of the Holmes High School Youth Service Center is to reduce barriers to learning while enhancing students' abilities to succeed in school by developing and sustaining partnerships that promote well-being, early learning, and successful transition into school, academic achievement, graduation and transition into adult life.


FRYSC Purpose

The Youth Service Centers purpose is to work with school and community agencies to meet the needs of students for academic, social, behavioral, emotional, environmental and educational improvements. 

The Youth Service Center also sponsors or supports:

Open House/Readifest/Meet the Teacher

Transition Events

Parent Leadership of Involvement

School Attendance

Home Visits

Summer Program

Work Assistance


Services and Referrals

The Youth Service Center can also make referrals to other community resources as needed, including but not limited to; Mental Health Resources, Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Services Related to Homelessness, Physical Health Services, Career Exploration Development and Basic Soft Skills.

Services provided are based on the following Core Components:

Health and Social Services: To improve the overall health and well-being of students by addressing the following health components: physical education, health services, nutrition, counseling/psychological services, social services, health promotion for staff, and family/community involvement.

Career Exploration and Development: To promote college and/or career readiness for all students by preparing them for future employment and successful transition into adult life.

Summer and Part Time Job Development: To introduce students to the world of work through education, job-related skills, and work experience. Skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, goal setting, leadership, and decision making will be emphasized.

Substance Abuse Education and Counseling: To assist in the prevention of the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD), and improve decision making skills by educating students and families; and the reduction of ATOD use through coordination of counseling services and education.

Family Crisis and Mental Health Counseling: To increase self-management and coping strategies by assisting students and families with mental health needs and/or other crises through the identification and coordination of services.

Educational Support: To provide students and parents with the opportunity to learn about any school reorganization, revision, in policies/procedures, YSC services during the school year so that students are prepared for learning.

Basic Needs: To assist families with emergency basic needs and provide community resources and referrals.


For more information on services the FRYSC can help with please request assistance through the link below.


For more information on community resources please click on the link below.  Just type the kind of service you are looking for in the 'keyword' box to get started.


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